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Byuan Cashmere


The cashmere factory BUYAN was originally established in 1976 as a state owned cashmere testing factory. In 1992,
BUYAN was privatized and became the first company in Mongolia to have 100% private Mongolian investment.
The founder of BUYAN, Mr. Jargalsaikhan Bazarsad, is an active politician who continuously proved himself to be a
leader and pioneer in both business and politics. During the difficult times of transitioning markets during the 1990s,
Bazarsad trusted his insight and ambitions in laying the foundations in building global recognition for Mongolian
cashmere with BUYAN. The BUYAN factory has stood the test of time in a challenging environment – it has operated
successfully and expanded while also providing very attractive work conditions for its employees.
BUYAN consists of two factories: (i) the processing factory, and (ii) the knitting factory. The processing factory has an
annual capacity of processing 500 tones of raw material and 250 tones of yarn and is equipped with high-technology
machines like NOUVA COSMATEX.FOR and BIGAGLI, both from Italy, and MURATA from Japan. The knitting factory
is fully automated and computerized,operating with machines from Japan (Shima Seiki), Germany (Stoll) and Italy
(Exacta). BUYAN is one of the largest cashmere factories in Mongolia with an annual production capacity of 600,000
BUYAN is a trendsetter that is known for its high quality 100% cashmere products that are fashionable and comfortable.
The factory releases its 100% cashmere products under the “Royal Cashmere” brand and has also been offering its
popular cashmere mixed wool products under the “Cashwool” brand since 2007. Royal Cashmere is proud to have
become the trusted and popular brand throughout Mongolia and also to have gained international approval through
its extensive export to Europe, Asia and the USA.
We aim to please our customers by being an innovative leader in quality cashmere
production and by putting our customer’s needs as our main goal.